A short anecdote from my Fish ‘N’ Chip shop

I have an amazing fish and chip shop near where I live. The fish isn’t dry and the chips aren’t soggy, and it all tastes really good. I’ll admit that doesn’t have a lot to do with marketing, but my next point does. And that point is that they do another thing thing really, really well: everything else.

From walking in to the shop, which uses expensive fittings and lets us see the fish being made almost to order, to the staff all wearing a uniform through to the packing described above, the attention to detail all adds up.

Additionally, by using a thick, fully branded brown paper bag (which includes awards they have won) for customers to put their food containers made of high quality, branded cardboard cartons (no Styrofoam or plastic) in to, they understand the whole experience is an interconnected journey that builds a picture in the customer’s mind.

That picture determines whether they will come back, how much they are willing to pay and how likely they are to recommend the shop to other people.

I know they charge a premium for the product, but the combination of product quality and packaging makes me feel like it is good value. It keeps me coming back, and I always recommend it to my friends.

The key takeaway here (no pun intended) is the whole picture matters. You can’t focus on just the product, the service or the flashy messages or images, they all need to work in synchronisation to ensure the customer’s experiences are not broken.

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