Why I love using BuySellAds

I am a massive fan of the advertising network www.buysellads.com  and have used it extensively over the past couple of years. The CTR and conversion rates are amongst the highest I’ve seen for display advertising and I can only see me using them more as time goes on.

The core audience of the BSA network’s sites are creative, and tend to be involved in some aspect of web/ digital design.  If this is your target audience, there isn’t a more extensive or cost effective network around. Here are some other reasons I think BSA is awesome!

Relevant traffic

For very minimal investment, an advertiser can get their banners served to millions of page impressions every month. As cool as that is, with out clicks and sales, it is tough to justify, but thanks to prime spots on most websites, the average CTR is far higher than other networks I have used.

Mutual respect

One of the things that bugs me about the Google display network are publishers who want advertiser’s money, but don’t really want to show adverts so bury them at the bottom of a page. This guarantees an ad impression but doesn’t impact on their users. I haven’t come across an publisher of the BSA network trying to pull that trick. In fact, the ad positions are more often than not in premium placements that would cost a fortune on another network or through direct buys. This leads me on to…

It’s insanely cheap

The typical advert is priced at somewhere between $10 to $50 per month, and that includes sites with 200,000 plus page impressions per month. Sure, there are some sites charging $600 per month or more, but they are offering 1 million plus ad impressions and are still relatively cheap for large businesses used to $1,000’s per month.

Easy to research sites

As an advertiser I don’t want to spend hours researching specific sites to advertise on, but I also want to make sure I do due diligence before spending cash. The BSA ‘Buy ads’ filter is a great way to find sites that fit in to my wish list, and the site data they show pretty much does my research for me. For example, monthly traffic, site biog, twitter followers, delicious bookmarks, Page Rank, Facebook fans, Compete ranks, etc all help to build  a good picture of the size of  a website.

It helps to build relationships

Because the network is still relatively young, I am booking a specific ad slot directly and a lot of power and control is given to the publishers, as an advertiser it is much easier to build relationships with the site owners than the more automated Google Display network.

What I’d like to see added

However, having said all that, BSA isn’t perfect and there a few things I’d love for them to add.

  • Geo-targeting: The ability to target readers based on country would be ideal for smaller advertisers or those who aren’t international.
  • Audience location: If I can’t have geo-targeting I’d at least like to know what percentage of traffic comes from which country. This could be verified through Google Analytics.
  • More advanced reporting: It can be quite slow and clunky navigating around if you advertise on more than 10 publishers, and being able to export reports would cut down a lot of time. Other features such as overlaying 2 metrics on one graph, uploading conversion data etc.  would be the icing on the cake.

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  1. Todd Garland

    thanks for the review! lots of good stuff here in the “What I’d like to see added” section. I’ve posted this info on our internal wiki for the team to see!


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