I’ve come to think of you as people I…met

Hoe feasible is it for your company to have meaningful relationships with your customers?

How many do you personally have with any business?

If the answer is more than one or two, you’re probably lying.

Our brains have to filter a lot of marketing messages. To pay attention to it all it would become insanely tiring and overwhelming.

So if your brain doesn’t want that kind of relationship with every business you use, why should your customers?

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The flatulent death rattle of content marketing

Keyword stuffing, buying links and now content marketing. We’ve only gone and done it again; we’ve flogged another horse to death.

“Build links by creating content people full find useful” – cue stampede.

I’ve seen the flatulent death rattle of what we’ve come to understand as content marketing from both the perspective of the creator (through my job) and the publisher (though this blog).

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The inconvenient truth about traditional content marketing

Content is king! Brands are now publishers! Google loves content!

If you read as many marketing blogs as I do, these statements pretty much sum up every article on the topic of content marketing. To build links, brands must publish “great content”.

Unfortunately, because of this self-perpetuating advice, too many businesses and websites are churning out average content that is being lost in a sea of mediocrity.

The result is under cooked content that adds no value, and looks like a dog’s dinner.

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A fast and easy way to increase your Trust Pilot score

There are two huge reasons why you should care about your Trust Pilot score:

  1. Google uses Trust Pilot a lot for to work out its own star ratings, which then appear in search results and business listings.
  2. Trust Pilot appears near the top for pretty much any “[business name] review” search

They can either be a god send…

hostpresto reviews Google Search

Or a nightmare…

mothercare reviews Google Search

Whether you like it or not, this score is influencing people’s decision to buy from you.

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How to reactivate your churned customers

Customers come and go, that is the nature of any business. However, that doesn’t mean you have to accept that all those that have left are gone forever.

By implementing a series of key customer strategies, you can reduce the number leaving and reactivate more of those that have already left.

In this post I will show you how to protect churning customers, and reactivate more of those that have churned.

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