40 ways you can reward your brand fans

Brand fans are the lifeblood of any business. They refer new customers, leave positive reviews online and even defend you from criticism. They also buy more frequently, stay longer and buy more expensive versions of your product. The odd thing is, brand building is difficult, and we marketers often take them for granted, treating them… Continue reading

6 types of link bait content you can create right now

We all know that Google uses links to rank websites for their search engine. The quantity, quality, diversity and relevancy of these links are all important factors. However, knowing this, and being able to proactively act on it are two completely different things altogether. Being told “You must build links” is fast becoming useless advice,… Continue reading

Email marketing on a budget

Despite the appearance of its much younger and cooler cousin social media, email marketing is still one of the most effective tools in your marketing arsenal, and it is possible to achieve some truly fantastic ROI. You may be thinking “I hate spam”, and so do I, so does everyone! Effective email marketing is not… Continue reading

6 questions to ask hiring your first marketing employee

There reaches a stage in a growing company’s life time when as the manager/ owner you can’t do everything yourself anymore and still have time to eat and sleep. A lot of people in marketing are good at selling themselves (as you’d expect I suppose), and making themselves appear better than they actually are. In a large team, this can be absorbed, however if they are going to be your only marketing team member, hiring the wrong person could be a disaster.

Add a Twitter feed to your website

Adding a live Twitter feed to your website is a nice easy way to keep your website looking fresh and drive traffic to sign up and follow you. Thanks to Twitter, setting up the feed is very easy and literally only takes a couple of minutes to do. Here is how.

Lessons learned from running my first webinar

Webinars are a great way to engage with your customers on a more personal level, and to cover topics in detail. This year has seen us run our first couple of webinars at work, and for all involved it was our first time running them. The webinars have gone fairly smoothly and we have had good turn outs for both so far which has been pleasing. Here are the lessons I learned from running these webinars.