Although the ultimate aim of any B2C marketing is to increase sale at some level, direct sales and price promotions are not the only way of doing this. If a customer has not heard of you, how can they buy from you? This is where campaigns with awareness objectives come in.

Brand awareness campaigns can involve mass media channels such as print, TV, radio, and online at a national or local level depending on your budget and audience. However, although each of these channels has its own reporting metrics, how successful your campaign has been as a whole in raising awareness of your brand can be difficult and expensive.

Brand tracking surveys (covering awareness, perception and intent) are really the preserve of large businesses, as they are expensive to run. One great alternative is to use Google’s Consumer Surveys service.

This new product was recently extended to include a UK audience, and it is a great way to set up a survey amongst a sample that statistically represents the UK population. Plus it only costs approx. £60 to survey a sample of 1,000 people, which is statistically valid enough to apply the findings to the entire UK population.

You can use this service to run a survey before you campaign asking “Which of the following companies have you heard of?” listing your own and your direct competitors. After your brand campaign has finished, run the survey again and track the changes in awareness.

Creating your own survey is quick, and their set up wizard makes it very easy. You can choose to target respondents based on:

  • The country: UK, USA or Canada
  • A representative sample of the population of that country
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Regional geographic location
  • A custom audience based on a question (although this just make it much more expensive to run)

Step 1: Set up your survey, adding a name and summary

Step 2: Pick your audience. You can choose who you want to take part in the survey based on your target audience. If your customers are women based in Yorkshire, there is no point in doing a UK national survey both men and women can take part in.

Step 3: Write your question. There are a number of question formats to choose from here. Because you want to know all the brands a person has heard of, I would choose “Multiple answers”. Enter the questions and answers you desire.

You will then be asked how many responses you want. 500 is enough for local surveys, and I would recommend 1,000 if you want a national one. Once you have completed your order, the survey will be checked and if it is approved you will start seeing the data in your account very quickly. From experience it typically takes a week or two to get 1,000 responses.

Once your brand campaign is complete, run the same survey with the same set up and you should be able to see what impact you have had.