3 rules for quick and easy press releases

With the focus of modern public relations increasingly centering on technology and SEO (search engine optimisation) and social media, it’s easy for brands to forget the benefits of relatively old-fashioned press coverage. However, press releases are a vital tool for companies with a message worth shouting about and digital technologies have lowered the bar in… Continue reading

5 lessons to learn from Nike’s marketing

Following on from my previous post about the lessons you can learn from McDonald’s marketing, I wanted to look at another fantastic marketing company, Nike. How many fashion brands from the 1970’s are still considered to be cool or desirable by a young audience? Not retro, or ironically cool, just cool? This is because as… Continue reading

Why sponsoring an event should be in your marketing plan [2019 edition]

Why sponsor an event? Sponsoring events benefits include… Increased reach and awareness among your target audience Positive branding through association Lead generation opportunities Whilst large international or national events are often too expensive for small businesses, there are hundreds of much smaller events that are as equally, if not more, effective as a marketing channel… Continue reading

Successful marketing is about applying “KISS”

A natural tendency amongst professionals in any industry can be to over complicate matters and over egg the pudding. Marketing is certainly no stranger to an over reliance on buzz words, flowery language and an exaggerated sense of self- importance. Having sat in meeting with executives from Microsoft who are able to spin entire sentences… Continue reading