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Not all of the content was written this month, but it is when I came across it and I think you’ll find it interesting/useful too.

This month’s reading

A good automated email strategy drives sales and retention. Here are 7 automated email campaigns that win customers and keep them coming back.

The health of a SaaS business is directly tied to its ability to retain its customers and prevent churn. This blog post discusses how to measure customer happiness, and how to actively manage your business to achieve it.

If you don’t understand how customers think about your product and the process of a free trial, you’ll have a much harder time convincing them to convert to a paid account. Improve free trials by getting to know your customers.

TechValidate’s research found that “30% of companies using gamification improved registration conversion rates by upwards of 50%.” This post by ConversionXL looks at how to use gamification to retain more customers.

Ever wondered how some brands attract passionate brand fans? Here are 4 strategies Disney use to create freakishly loyal customers.

Zapier has usefully shared the data that drives customer support for over 600,000 product use cases.

Since they launched automated emails at Intercom, one of the most common use cases has been re-engaging customers who have stopped using a product. In this post they look at how to do that effectively. Churn, retention and reengaging customers.

Matching reality with perception is one of the key things that defines a happy or dissatisfied customers. Is honesty really such a bad thing in commerce?

And finally, here are 5 tactics used to reduce their customer churn by a third.

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