Teach yourself marketing a SaaS product

Marketing a SaaS product can be a minefield, especially when it comes to pricing, features, support and customer acquisition budgets.

Judging the right mix of how much to charge, what each package will allow a customer to do, and how much you can afford to spend acquiring a new sign up can make or break a SaaS product/company.

Here are the resources you need to read if you are planning on launching a new SaaS product, or you are already involved in marketing one.

Sixteen Ventures

Sixteenventures.com is has some of the best blogs I have ever read, providing “Marketing, Customer Acquisition, & Churn Reduction Consulting for SaaS providers” It is an essential read if you are interested in marketing. Recent articles to get started with include:

Help Scout

Online help desk software provider ‘Help Scout’ has a fantastic blog, often aimed at customer support issues, but also with great ideas on running a SaaS company. Here are some stand out articles:


GrooveHQ are another online help desk solution, but their blog is a little different. They tie up their posts in to a narrative, as we follow them on their journey to $500k per month revenue. The blog is very open about their successes and mistakes. As well as a great source of information for your SaaS product, it is also a great case study in content marketing.

Price Intelligently

Price Intelligently are a company that specialises in helping businesses create their pricing strategy. Their pricing blog is full of great advice to help guide your SaaS price.


As a very successful SaaS provider themselves, Kissmetrics are well positioned to guide you through the trials and pit falls of marketing a SaaS product. Always insightful and easy to read.

Chaotic Flow by Joel York

Chaotic flow is a SaaS marketing specilaist blog with of the objective of sharing “…knowledge and opinions that will help executives at Internet software companies that create and deliver SaaS and cloud applications critically analyze real-world, go-to-market strategies and tactics by applying sound business principles.” It isn’t updated very much anymore, but there is a huge library of really useful posts from the past couple of years.

Some general tidbits

ConversionXL have a useful post linking to 9 case studies that ‘ll help you reduce SaaS churn today.

SaaSopdia is a useful mini-library of SaaS terms and SaaS terminology.

Customer loyalty’ by Jill Griffen – Increasing repeat purchases by creating and growing loyal customers

Quite a big read, but very comprehensive, The ultimate lifecycle email marketing guide from Vero is a great jump board for developing your life cycle strategy.

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