Teach yourself social media marketing

Social media is an odd area within the field of marketing. Because it is so new to the industry it is often treated with a mixture of trepidation and suspicion.

The truth is we know what works and what doesn’t; it is just a case of doing your research, like any other channel.

If you are looking at adding social media to your promotional mix, here are the places I’d recommend visiting to get tips for using social media marketing .

These are all from articles and guides to make sure you get started on the right foot.

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is a great blog I’d recommend reading regularly. There are literally dozens and dozens of posts I could link to you would benefit hugely from, but I’ll keep myself to a small handful here:

I would strongly recommend taking the time to go through their back catalogue of articles, there are a lot of gems in there.

Search Engine Land

Although mainly focused on search marketing, Search Engine Land occasionally pops up with some useful articles about social media marketing. Two great examples include:


Moz is a blog I linked to in the “How to teach yourself SEO” post, and they produce great content around social media as well.

Social Media Today

A great source of regular ideas, tips and inspiration is Social Media Today. This regularly updated blog is full of opinion pieces you can help to develop your social media marketing.

Starting with the all important question “Is social media right for my business?”, BT have put together a useful and practical guide to using social media as a small business which you can download here.

Start reading!

I hope these links help you as you form your social media marketing strategy and ideas.

Before you start, I would recommend you do your research in to best practises, review what other companies are doing and then start slowly.

Launch on one social website at a time rather than all at once and gradually develop your presence on them.

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