5 examples of business blogs that write about marketing (and are a great read as well)

I am a huge advocate of businesses having their own blog, but only when they add value for a reader and it is not used to regurgitate press releases or simply sell products.

In this post I am showcasing examples of business blogs that publish great content to build links, leads and reputation AND will teach you something about marketing. I’d recommend reading these blogs regularly! [mc4wp_form id=”15877″]


shopify blog

URL: http://www.shopify.com/blog
Their business: Hosted ecommerce websites
Subjects covered: Ecommerce
Shopify uses their blog to position themselves as a fantastic resource  to learn how to run a successful online business, whether you use their software or not.

Shopify example blog posts:



hubspot blog

URL: http://blog.hubspot.com/
Their business: Marketing software
Subjects covered: Digital marketing
Hubspot use their blog as a mix of link bait articles and lead generation guides to maintain a steady stream of useful marketing advice.

Hubspot example blog posts:


KISSmetrics blog

URL: http://blog.kissmetrics.com/
Their business: Website analytics
Subjects covered: Digital marketing
Even though their focus is on data, their blog is not a series of dry data based posts. They are incredibly detailed and authoritative, packed full if very useful information for a broad range of digital marketing.

KISSmetrics example blog posts:


Crazyegg blog

URL: http://blog.crazyegg.com/
Their business: A/B testing and heat maps
Subjects covered: Usability and conversion optimisation
A great mix of ‘how to’ guides, lists and resources based blog posts all helping you improve the usability of your website, which in turn will increase sales.

Crazyegg example blog posts:


Moz blog

URL: www.moz.com/blog
Their business: Inbound marketing software
Subjects covered: SEO and inbound marketing
My go to examples of how to use blogs to position yourself as a thought-leader in a saturated industry, the Moz blog is also an incredible resource for SEO, and more lately inbound marketing in general.

Moz example blog posts:

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    1. Thanks for the links, I knew of conversionxl.com but the rest are new to me. I’ll have a good look at those.


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