A snazzy little Christmas marketing campaign

Wagamama are running a really nice Christmas campaign this year to support a charity. It combines social sharing with a little bit of easy to do creativity, which fits in really well with their slightly hipster cool take on branding.

The concept is really simple.

Follow the instructions on their place mats to construct an origami Christmas star, and then share a picture of yourself and the star somewhere interesting on Twitter or Instagram (using #wagamamawishes).

For every picture shared Wagamama are donating 50p to the charity “UK Youth“. A great idea for a great cause.

You can see their marketing in action on…

Facebook (Link)

wagamama FB

Instagram (Link)

wagamama instagram

Twitter (Link)

wagamama twitter

I took a break from stuffing my face to take a couple of pictures of the overview and origami instructions:

Side one:

Wagamama wishes side 1

Side two:

Wagamama wishes side 2

I made a complete hash of my star when I tried, but thankfully Wagamama have put together a video on how to make the star:

What I love about this is how simple it is for someone to get involved, and how the use of origami ties it in with their brand.

It gives people something to play with whilst they wait for their food, and I didn’t see many in the restaurant who didn’t have a go at making their star.

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