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    What can AI do for you? A guide for digital marketers

    When it comes to digital marketing and AI, there has arguably been an awful lot of catastrophic thinking – with AI becoming the all seeing all doing digital marketing machine. Some have claimed that it will make our jobs obsolete, not only being able to perform repetitive data-based tasks but also creating and aggregating content. [...]

    How to save your advertising money combatting click fraud

    Pay per click (PPC) is increasingly popular among small business marketers, improving profit revenues as businesses are able to reach a widened pool of potential customers with the click of a button. However, this does come with a level of risk and experts from Click Guardian are here to tell you more… What is click […]

    Stand Out from the Crowd and Get Your Business Noticed

    Whatever niche your business is in, it’s almost an absolute guarantee that there are at least a dozen other businesses within the same sector. Competition is a natural part of running any business. If you can’t find a way to stand out, then those competitors are going to acquire the consumers that otherwise would have […]

    Product Recommendation Technology in Email Marketing

    This is a guest article from Ian Roderick, Communications Manager for email marketing software provider Newsletter2Go.  The goal should be to make every email relevant to everyone who receives it. You’re not going to fool anyone by sending mass email blasts to your entire list. Emails that aren’t relevant will be deleted without being [...]

    6 Things I’ve Learned Working with Social Influencers

    This is a guest post by John LaMarca, Director of Marketing for social community ‘6Tribes’. I lead marketing for a new social media startup called 6Tribes, which connects like-minded people around the things that they’re passionate about, using the concept of tribes. We’ve had great success over the last few months in growing [...]