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📊 How to create a poll on Facebook people engage with [2020 edition]

Increasing engagement and boosting followers with Facebook polls

** Note: Polls are no longer available on Facebook. Annoying, but there it is. **

In this post I’ll show you not just how to create a Facebook poll but to create a Facebook poll that people actually engage with and respond to.

What is a Facebook Poll?

Facebook Polls allow you to create two-question polls your followers can vote on in your/their News Feed.

As Facebook continues to limit business’ presence on people’s timelines, the emphasis is increasingly on you to  create content that demands people engage with it. 

How do I create a Facebook poll?

Facebook poll

To create a Poll on Facebook, follow these steps:

  1. Sign-in to your Facebook Business page
  2. In the ‘Write a post…’ box, click the ellipsis next to ‘Write Note’.
  3. Select ‘Poll’ and type your question in the box that appears.
  4. Type your answers (options 1 and 2)
  5. Add images/GIFs (highly recommended).
  6. Choose how long you want it to run for.
  7. To promote the poll, select ‘Promote’.
  8. Select ‘Post’ to launch your poll. The poll will appear on your page as a status update.

How to create a Facebook poll people will answer

Creating a Facebook Poll is simply the first step. let’s look at how you go about creating a Facebook poll people engage with…

Tip one: Use Google Analytics and Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights will provide you with info about your followers’ interests and demographic profile.

Using this tool, you’ll be able to see your followers’ profile data and the most popular types of content and pages they follow.

Additionally, Google Analytics’ “Affinity categories” report will show you your website traffics’ interests.

Use segments to just show data associated with your Facebook audience profile (Age, gender, location etc.).

Facebook polls analytics

Use the data to identify topics your followers are interested in, and therefore have a higher propensity to answer questions about.

Tip two: Use current events

These polls are not evergreen content, they have a very limited shelf-life. With this in mind, what are the cultural hot topics taking place right now that people are already engaged with?

Piggy-backing on current events keeps your content fresh and current. The range of topics is huge…

For example, if I have a target audience that skews to Star Wars (e.g. movie watching millennial males), and there was a new Star Wars movie coming out soon, I (a marketing blog) could ask a question to ride on the movie’s tailcoats e.g.

When a brand is overplayed, it risks losing its magic. Is it time for the Star Wars franchise to give it a rest?

Here’s an example of this in action from 123-reg, who jumped on the recent “news” Simon Cowell had stopped using a mobile phone for 12 months…

123reg Facebook poll

If you are looking for ideas, Twitter keeps a really useful calendar for marketers to reference, covering entertainment, sports, holidays and ‘other’. You can access it here.

Twitter marketing calendar

Twitter marketing calendar

Tip three: Ask about hot topics from your industry

Following the same principle as the previous tip; what are the contentious/hot topics from your industry you know people want to share their opinion?

For example, if your target audience are web designers, what are their thoughts on the merits of spec work (a lot hate it with a passion- see

Tip four: Use GIFs

We all know the power of a good GIF. GIFs are an easy way to grab people’s attention as they scroll through their/your timeline. There’s not much more to it than that.



Hello! My name is Matt and I have a serious passion for anything marketing related, both academically and professionally. I started writing this blog as a way of expressing my thoughts and opinions on marketing, and in response to the number of theoretical blogs out there that presume unlimited resources. My focus is on providing realistic and practical marketing advice you can apply to any business and campaign.

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    • JP Chaudhari
      Posted on

      JP Chaudhari JP Chaudhari

      Reply Author

      I love your post but I want to know is there any option to ad more than two question on the page only..

      • Matthew Telfer
        Posted on

        Matthew Telfer Matthew Telfer

        Reply Author

        Facebook have limited the number of responses to two for some reason. Group polls can have more though.

    • Nicole Canine
      Posted on

      Nicole Canine Nicole Canine

      Reply Author

      Can I edit the end date of my poll on my business account if I have already posted the poll?

      • Matthew Telfer
        Posted on

        Matthew Telfer Matthew Telfer

        Reply Author

        Hi Nicole,

        I’ve never tried to edit a Business page poll post-launch myself, but having a quick look at the Facebook help section it doesn’t look like you can. Happy for someone to tell me otherwise (and explain how) though.



    • John
      Posted on

      John John

      Reply Author

      Awesome information. But I want to know why we cannot create a poll on Facebook profile timeline.

    • Ian S Wardell
      Posted on

      Ian S Wardell Ian S Wardell

      Reply Author

      Has the poll option been deleted for non-business pages??

      Posted on


      Reply Author

      I have set. up a test poll group page. Friends are beginning to reply. How do I get the results/ summaries?? tyia

    • Katherine
      Posted on

      Katherine Katherine

      Reply Author

      On my business page the only option when I “post” is add video/photo???? I don’t have any other options….

      • NG
        Posted on

        NG NG

        Reply Author

        SAME! I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t figure out where this option went

    • Helen Say
      Posted on

      Helen Say Helen Say

      Reply Author

      Can you update this to cover the fact that FB don’t let you use polls on business pages anymore? what alternatives are there?

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