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My name Is Matt and I am a huge marketing nerd. My marketing blog is about providing practical marketing advice & tips you can apply to your business and campaigns today.

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My name is Matt, and I am a marketing nerd; a digital marketer by trade, this is my marketing blog. The question you're asking yourself is "Does the internet really need another marketing blog?" The answer is a very clear "no", but I went ahead and did it anyway. Have a read of my latest posts below...


How to start a career in marketing [2020 edition] 🤝

I previously covered marketing recruitment from an employer’s perspective so I thought it would be interesting to also take it from the job hunter’s point of view. From my own experience as someone who got my foot on to the ladder in my early 20’s through to now being a marketing manager in my 30’s, these are my tips on how to get your [...]