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My name Is Matt and I am a huge marketing nerd. My marketing blog is about providing practical marketing advice & tips you can apply to your business and campaigns today.

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My name is Matt, and I am a marketing nerd; a digital marketer by trade, this is my marketing blog. The question you're asking yourself is "Does the internet really need another marketing blog?" The answer is a very clear "no", but I went ahead and did it anyway. Have a read of my latest posts below...

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How to control your PPC budget

A badly structured and unmonitored PPC account can easily burn through your marketing budget in a matter of hours. There are plenty of horror stories recounting how small businesses have wasted hundreds or even thousands of pounds on PPC. Understandably this makes other small businesses nervous to start using channels such as Google [...]

How to target mobile users with Google AdWords

We all know that mobile phones are becoming increasingly important in the research stage of the buying cycle. Research shows that 61% of UK shoppers use their mobile phone to research products before they purchase. What is not as well known is the speed at which people go from research to purchase. 43% of users […]

Digital marketing quick wins you can do today

Following on from my post about SEO quick wins, here are simple, but often overlooked, ideas for you to use in your digital marketing. Applying these to your digital marketing will create instant results, quickly and easily. In this post I’ll show you how to: Re-optimise your website for even more traffic (I did it and increased [...]

Running your first A/B test

Acquiring new customers is expensive, so it shouldn’t be left to guess work. A/B testing gets more out of your existing traffic, using data to identify postive and negative changes you make to your website. Every website has a goal. Online shops want visitors to buy products, software providers want people to sign up to […]

How to spend less and get more from Google AdWords

I am a huge fan of Google AdWords, and it absolutely the best advertising platform out there for businesses of all sizes and budgets. However, because it is self-serve with a bewildering array of options to choose from when creating a campaign, a lot of advertisers find they spend a lot of money very quickly, […]

6 essential tips for successful content marketing

The purpose of any content marketing is of course to be read, shared and linked to. This sounds so simple, but as I’m sure anyone who uses content marketing as part of their strategy and is reading this knows, actually doing it is a whole other ball game. Doing it consistently is the holy grail.

Responding to a poor AdWords quality score

Quality score has a huge impact on the price you will pay per click in Google AdWords. An advertiser with a high quality score will pay a lot less per click for a higher ad position on a keyword than a competitor who has a low quality score. In this post I will show you […]

The 6 habits of a successful social media manager

Just like any marketing channel, social media requires a certain set of specialist skills to be successful. Knowing how to use the software is one thing, but really understanding how social media fits in the marketing mix, the best ways to use it and how to measure success are another thing altogether (obviously it helps […]

How to create remarketing banners that work [2020 edition]

Remarketing banners (aka retargeting ads) are one of the most simple and cost-effective ways to re-engage with prospects who have previously visited your website. From personal experience, a well thought out remarketing banners campaign will always drive conversions at a great CPA. A lot of advertisers simply use the same banner ad copy [...]