7 signs it is time to refresh your business website

We all know that every business, no matter how big or small, needs a website. Whether you are B2B or B2C, the internet is a primary research tool for the majority of your customers. However, once the website is up and running, too many businesses give it little thought and over proceeding the months and years.

Teach yourself SEO

This series will point you in the direction of the best sources of information to teach yourself various aspects of marketing. This week we are going to look at SEO.

Proactive word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth is arguably the most powerful weapon in any small businesses marketing arsenal. A recommendation from a friend, colleague or expert will often tip the balance for a perspective customer, and is more effective than any advert ever could be.

Putting a face behind the company

If I am going to spend a significant amount of money for an on going service that is essential for my business, I like to get the feeling there are real people behind that service. This especially true if I am not dealing with an established brand.

Local marketing using search engines

The importance of being ranked high on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) is well known, so I won’t re-tread that ground, however, what is less well known amongst small business, is the importance Google places on local search.

How to design, write & send effective email newsletters

The DIY series is focused on offering tips and advice on how to set up and run various aspects of your marketing yourself, without having to use an agency or 3rd party. This week we are going to look at that good old marketing work horse, the email newsletter.

How to write a really good PPC advert

Despite working with all online and a lot of offline marketing channels, I find my heart is always with paid search (aka PPC). It is where I started and it is still the marketing channel I enjoy working on the most. I love how instant it is and the mixture of art and science required to do it well. Over the years I have read some great research papers and blogs about how to write effective ads. I have applied a lot of the ideas to many of my camapigns often with quite a lot of success.

Falling in love with remarketing

At Heart Internet we’ve been running an extended trail of a remarketing service and the results so far have been very impressive. I was a little sceptical at first, thanks mainly to some poor implementation by other companies that stalked me around the internet after just looking at their home page.