My name is Matt, and I am a marketing nerd; a digital marketing director by trade, this is my marketing blog. My aim is to provide practical marketing ideas and advice you can apply today, across PPC, onsite SEO, content marketing, CRO, reputation management, customer loyalty marketing and more.

Banner size guide [2020 edition]

When it comes to display/banner advertising, size does matter! With the rise of mobile, apps and responsive design, banner ads now come in all shapes and sizes, but the reality is only a handful are worth designing for. Most websites and apps run a limited range to choose from, and they all tend to be […]

Making millions: the success of sponsorships in business

You can’t escape sponsorships. Brand logos, endorsed celebrities and promotional products are all over our screens and their influence appears to be growing. By the end of 2018, it’s expected that global sponsorship spend will hit $65.8 billion USD — that’s a lot of money to be made for brands that know how to capitalise […]

What can AI do for you? A guide for digital marketers

When it comes to digital marketing and AI, there has arguably been an awful lot of catastrophic thinking – with AI becoming the all seeing all doing digital marketing machine. Some have claimed that it will make our jobs obsolete, not only being able to perform repetitive data-based tasks but also creating and aggregating content. [...]

How to save your advertising money combatting click fraud

Pay per click (PPC) is increasingly popular among small business marketers, improving profit revenues as businesses are able to reach a widened pool of potential customers with the click of a button. However, this does come with a level of risk and experts from Click Guardian are here to tell you more… What is click […]

Benefits are to marketing what cheese is to pizza

Do you like pizza? I do. I love it and mostly because of the cheese. I’m trying to write about content and since I can’t stop thinking about pizza, I’ll use this as an analogy. Let me get back to the cheese, I mean content and the ‘raison d’etre’ for any marketing piece… Key benefits […]

I’ve come to think of you as people I…met

How feasible is it for your company to have meaningful relationships with your customers? How many do you personally have with any business? If the answer is more than one or two, you’re probably lying. Our brains have to filter a lot of marketing messages. To pay attention to it all it would become insanely […]