Marketing careers

Don’t be a marketing dinosaur

As a marketing professional of 10 years, personal development is always at the forefront of my mind. Since starting my first marketing job the landscape has changed dramatically. The biggest change has been the move from narrow offline channels (local press, Yellow Pages, directories etc.), to a fragmented online media landscape for [...]

How to write a marketing CV [2019 edition]

As someone who has hired new team members across a number of growing businesses, I have seen a lot of marketing CVs in my time. Some of them good and many of them not so good. I have previously given advice on starting a career in marketing, and listed questions to ask hiring your first […]

How to start a career in marketing [2019 edition]

I previously covered marketing recruitment from an employer’s perspective so I thought it would be interesting to also take it from the job hunter’s point of view. From my own experience as someone who got my foot on to the ladder in my early 20’s through to now being a marketing manager in my 30’s, these are my tips on how to get your [...]

6 questions to ask hiring your first marketing employee

There reaches a stage in a growing company’s life time when as the manager/ owner you can’t do everything yourself anymore and still have time to eat and sleep. A lot of people in marketing are good at selling themselves (as you’d expect I suppose), and making themselves appear better than they actually are. In a large team, this can be [...]