6 essential tips for successful content marketing

The purpose of any content marketing is of course to be read, shared and linked to. This sounds so simple, but as I’m sure anyone who uses content marketing as part of their strategy and is reading this knows, actually doing it is a whole other ball game. Doing it consistently is the holy grail.

6 types of link bait content you can create right now

We all know that Google uses links to rank websites for their search engine. The quantity, quality, diversity and relevancy of these links are all important factors. However, knowing this, and being able to proactively act on it are two completely different things altogether. Being told “You must build links” is fast becoming [...]

Teach yourself starting and writing a business blog

The internet is awash with abandoned blogs, so often started with the best intentions but now left to slowly rot in the corner. If the abandoned blog is personal, then few people will bat an eye lid, however, if it is a business blog, it is doing harm to the brand. Unattended and out of […]