The flatulent death rattle of content marketing

Keyword stuffing, buying links and now content marketing. We’ve only gone and done it again; we’ve flogged another horse to death. “Build links by creating content people find useful” – cue stampede. I’ve seen the flatulent death rattle of what we’ve come to understand as content marketing from both the perspective of the creator [...]

The inconvenient truth about traditional content marketing

Content is king! Brands are now publishers! Google loves content! If you read as many marketing blogs as I do, these statements pretty much sum up every article on the topic of content marketing. To build links, brands must publish “great content”. Unfortunately, because of this self-perpetuating advice, too many businesses and websites [...]

Are marketers becoming less effective at content?

UK content marketers believe they have become less effective at their jobs over the last year, according to new research by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) released this week. The report shows a  decline in the confidence of content marketing practitioners, with only 42 per cent of marketers questioned saying they are effective or [...]

5 traits of a great business blog

A blog should be at the heart of every business’ marketing strategy. I’ve covered the reasons why you should have a blog before, so in this post I’ll look at what makes a great business blog and how you can go about writing one that achieves your brand goals, keeps people coming back to read […]

Approaching writing content from a prospect’s levels of risk

As consumers, whenever we buy an expensive product or buy from a new supplier we instinctively make the decision whether to buy based on levels of perceived risk. Perceived risk is the Consumer’s level of uncertainty regarding the outcome of a purchase decision. One of the ways I approach writing any new sales copy (content [...]

Teach yourself how to make an infographic & promote it

Infographics are a “…graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge” – Wikipedia. I would argue pretty much anything can be turned in to an infographic, the art is making one that people enjoy reading and sharing. Infographics are a wildly popular content marketing tactic, with hundreds released into the [...]

SEO in the nofollow age

The SEO industry has taken a serious battering over the past year or so. Google’s algorithm updates have put a huge dent in the traditional quick win tactics employed by many SEO professionals and agencies. Google has done a really good job of making it very difficult to game their system by specifically targeting the […]