BitePlay Review

In this review I’m going to give my thoughts on Biteplay, YouTube marketing software with tools for channel research, keyword research, influencer research & more.

TL;DR: The data in this tool is really useful and the whole thing is a great idea. Unfortunately, Biteplay is let down by a really poor onboarding experience, clunky UX, odd UI choices and buggy implementation.

2/10 – Not recommended

What is Biteplay?

If you’ve ever tried to research and build a YouTube campaign with just with the tools provided, you’ll know creating a YouTube campaign is very labourous and the media research tools in Google Ads are terrible.

Biteplay promises to solve those problems. In their own words…”Biteplay is the only YouTube Growth Hacking tool you’ll ever need.”

Let’s sign up and see if this is true.

Getting started with Biteplay

As soon as I create an account, I’m instantly taken offsite and over to a wispform powered form. Biteplay get started

From here I’m offered two paths, to either:

1. Watch a 7 minute on-demand video

2. Book a 1 on 1 demo with a team member.

I’m the kind of chap who likes to get stuck in, so I choose the video option.

I’m shown more questions about segmentation and for their own data gathering purposes. 

If I were the product manager, I’d have just let me get started at this point.

I’ve not even used the product yet and they are asking for social sharing from me.

Biteplay social

I submit the form and I’m taken back to biteplay’s website. 

The promised video is there, but so is mention of some for of an offer, however there’s no offer that I can see.

I finally see the offer, and it is part of a mega page full of special offers, including some images of CD bundles (!!).

The video was advertised as being 7 minutes long on the form, it’s actually 30 minutes.

Biteplay bonus

It’s all so old fashioned and way too early in my journey to try and up-sell with this software. 

To be honest, my alarm bells are ringing right now. I’m glad I’ve not given any payment info yet.

I just want to log in!

All the way at the bottom of the page is a tiny text link “Skip it, access my free account”.

I’m taken back to the login page!

Biteplay login

Using Biteplay

The Biteplay control panel is up there with some of the ugliest and poorly thought out UI/UX I’ve ever seen.

They’ve clearly put all their budget in to the pre-sales site.

Biteplay control panel

Typing a keyword in to that search box you can see above doesn’t actually do a search, it just takes you to another page where you have to do it again.

I can search based on keyword, ‘similar to video’, channel and what’s trending (there is a ‘category’ drop down menu but the only option is ‘All’).

The results themselves are actually pretty good. I can see top channels and top videos based on views. 

The results has links to the channel, video and the various meta info related to it.

The ‘Advanced’ filter has great potential with some really useful options to drill down further. 

The black on black colour scheme makes it tough to focus.

Biteplay filters

I can create lists to group channels but the UI to do this is terrible and very confusing. 

I work out how to create a list but not how to add to the list. 

After many goes I give up trying.

When I perform basic actions I keep getting a lot of error messages that an action can’t be done and I should contact support.

Biteplay error message

I’ve got may list of video related to my search term with useful info on likes, views etc. 

I’ve also got tick boxes next to the video to select them.

But no idea what to click on once I’ve selected my videos.

What do I do next?

Biteplay report

The keyword search is a nice tool to find new ideas/prospects, but it would be useful to see how many videos show for the search term.

Biteplay keyword research

The ‘Find influencer’ tool is another great idea. 

Typing in a keyword brings up a list of channels who publish content around that topic along with the number of videos, views and subscribers.

Unfortunately the UI is broken:

Biteplay influencer report

Final thoughts

The data in this tool is really useful and the whole thing is a great idea.

Unfortunately, Biteplay is let down by a really poor onboarding experience, clunky UX, odd UI choices and buggy implementation.

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