ClickCease Review

This ClickCease review is based on real world use in a business environment. How easy is it to get started, does it provide useful information and should you install it on your website?

⭐ TL;DR: ClickCease is easy to set up and manage, and a useful tool if you spend more than $500 a month on Google Ads or Facebook Ads or you have noticed suspicious click activity on your account.

9/10 – Highly recommended

In this review I’m going to look at ClickCease, a Google and Facebook PPC fraud prevention tool.

I’ll dive in to how easy it is to set up, how easy it is to manage, how effective it is at preventing unwanted clicks and whether you should sign up. 

What does ClickCease do? 

Depending on the source of information, PPC ad click fraud is either a minor inconvenience or a major issue draining all our ad budgets. 

Whichever side of the fence you’re on, most advertisers accept that parts of their budget is being wasted by fraudulent clicks. 

ClickCease claims it will stop bots, web scrapers and click farms from clicking your PPC ads.

This means less wasted money and better ROI. 

What are fraudulent PPC ad clicks? 

Fraudulent PPC ad clicks come from multiple sources. They are often intentional, but they can be also be accidental.

The common thread is that there is no intention of visiting your website. Sources include: 

  • Competitor clicks 
  • Automated bots 
  • Accidental clicks 
  • Click farms 

How does ClickCease work? 

Each visit goes through ClickCease’s fraud detection algorithm. Data points such as geolocation, click limit, VPN detection and session behaviour are taken into account among other data points.

Once analyzed is uniquely determined to be real or fraudulent. The fraudulent users are automatically and instantly blocked.

Their IPs are sent to your Google Ads exclusion list and users are excluded on Facebook, preventing them from seeing and clicking on your ads. 

Getting started with ClickCease 

ClickCease is very easy to set up. Just add the code they provide to your website HTML (manually, via a WordPress plugin or using a tag manager) and add their tracking template to Google Ads. 

ClickCease install code

Managing you ClickCease account 

The dashboard UI is very good; it is clean, simple and easy to navigate. The home page provides a number of different summary reports and displays how much you have saved blocking bad clicks. This is both useful and a great advert for their tool’s effectiveness. 

ClickCease dashboard

Within ClickCease, there are a number of settings you can customise, including: 

  • Click threshold rules e.g. ‘allow up to X ad clicks within Y minutes’ 
  • Block IPs by country 
  • Block JavaScript disabled browsers 
  • VPN Blocking 

ClickCease detection rules

IP blocking is a big part of ClickCease’s methodology and it comes with a number of management tools to control this feature. 

  • Block IPs for a Certain Period 
  • IP Range Exclusion 
  • Manually Exclude IPs 
  • Whitelist IPs – super useful for your own office 
  • Include/exclude campaigns from protection 

Once ClickCease it set up, you can pretty much forget about it and let the software run in the background blocking bad clicks. 

Should you buy ClickCease? 

Starting at $59 per month, I would suggest ClickCease is worth investing in if you spend more than $500 a month on Google Ads or Facebook Ads or you have noticed suspicious click activity on your account. 


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