Your marketing must support your business reality

People who misunderstand marketing often think the goal is to create and emphasise the gap between reality and perception. In my opinion, getting a sale is not the end goal for marketing, it is gaining a customer. To achieve this, whatever product or services you sell, your marketing must emphasise what you do well, and… Continue reading

It’s all part of the plan

For some marketers flying by the seat of your pants can be fun, especially as the deadline thunders towards you and the adrenalin kicks in, handing in briefs at the last minute or not starting until it is so late, nights are inevitable. For me, that’s a horrible way to work and I can’t do… Continue reading

5 tips for using email marketing successfully

What is email marketing? How do you do it successfully? There are a lot of questions circulating in the minds of those who are less familiar with concepts of email marketing, often considering it to be spam, a dead technology and a form of marketing that is no longer of use. However, there are a… Continue reading