Benefits are to marketing what cheese is to pizza

Do you like pizza? I do. I love it and mostly because of the cheese. I’m trying to write about content and since I can’t stop thinking about pizza, I’ll use this as an analogy. Let me get back to the cheese, I mean content and the ‘raison d’etre’ for any marketing piece… Key benefits […]

Stand Out from the Crowd and Get Your Business Noticed

Whatever niche your business is in, it’s almost an absolute guarantee that there are at least a dozen other businesses within the same sector. Competition is a natural part of running any business. If you can’t find a way to stand out, then those competitors are going to acquire the consumers that otherwise would have […]

Increase your Trust Pilot score in two easy steps

Follow this simple two-step process to dramatically increase your positive scores. I’ve used it many times and it works. I have personally worked for a couple of brands that had terrible scores on Trust Pilot that used this technique, and are now among the best scored in their industries. It isn’t difficult to implement and [...]

UK shoppers will abandon favourite brands that don’t personalise

Half of British online shoppers (47%) will now walk away altogether from a brand that doesn’t understand them as a customer, a new UK consumer study commissioned by Ometria has found. The same study has discovered that 84% of consumers feel bombarded by online retailers, in many cases leading them to abandon their favourite ecommerce [...]

A quick anecdote about Deliveroo’s wasted marketing budget

In marketing, if you get your targeting right, your communications/media plan should fall in to place beautifully. Here is a personal anecdote that suggests deliveroo aren’t quite getting that quite right. Right message, right person…wrong time I love the idea of deliveroo; real restaurant food delivered to your door. The only [...]

Brands supporting customers’ micro-moments are winning

People now turn to their phones or tablets to solve immediate problems, and they expect brands to deliver them with immediate answers. It is these “How do I”, “Where do I go”, “I want to do”, and “I want to buy” micro-moments that now dictate our purchase decisions and preferences. You need to become your customers’ […]

5 things you don’t want to hear about your marketing

We all like to think we are doing an amazing job, and it is a brave marketer who approaches performance and analysis with an honest and open mind. They are also usually the most successful. Here are five truths that can be applied to every business’ marketing, no matter how big or small their budget. […]