Social media

6 Things I’ve Learned Working with Social Influencers

This is a guest post by John LaMarca, Director of Marketing for social community ‘6Tribes’. I lead marketing for a new social media startup called 6Tribes, which connects like-minded people around the things that they’re passionate about, using the concept of tribes. We’ve had great success over the last few months in growing [...]

Better social media marketing in 10 easy steps

A 2014 study found that around 90% of brands were active on social media, so nobody really needs convincing to get involved anymore. Now that we’re all online though, are we really making the most of the opportunities that social can offer us? Here are 10 simple ways to keep your social media strategy fresh […]

Organic marketing on Facebook? – A response

I don’t get a lot of time to read other marketing blogs, but there are a handful I’ll check back on now and then, one of those being Jim’s Marketing Blog. A recent post (here) was simply a quote of his own (no more, no less): “Teaching people the best way to market organically with […]

Why people will engage with you on social media

Creating your social media profiles is the easiest part of any social media strategy. It is often the first and last steps many businesses take along what should be a long road if they are to be used properly. Getting people to actually engage with you via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and alike is where the […]

The 6 habits of a successful social media manager

Just like any marketing channel, social media requires a certain set of specialist skills to be successful. Knowing how to use the software is one thing, but really understanding how social media fits in the marketing mix, the best ways to use it and how to measure success are another thing altogether (obviously it helps […]

7 reasons your business shouldn’t use social media

Social media can go one of two ways for a business. It can become part of a thriving community of brand fans and people interested in your products, with you at the centre initiating and responding to discussions. Alternatively it can become a waste ground of forgotten profiles with digital tumble weeds sweeping through, uncared for an [...]