JD Sports sent me the worst marketing emails I have ever seen

I haven’t bought anything from JD Sports for well over 5 years, but I am on their mailing list. I tend to ignore their emails, but their latest one got my attention for all the wrong reasons.

The problem was not with them emailing me, the design, the quality of the copy or the relevancy. All of that was spot on.

See if you can spot what made this such a terrible marketing email.

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How to turn your business in to more than a commodity

An interesting piece of research passed by my desk recently which claimed 10 – 20% of my industry’s customers don’t know who their supplier is. They are so disconnected from their supplier that they don’t care, and that means they have no brand recall.

This is exactly the same for me with my gas supplier – I can’t tell you who they are. This should be the stuff of nightmares for any marketer!

This occurs in markets where there is no product differentiation (e.g. electricity is the same whoever I buy it from), or where it is perceived to be the same (like my own industry – where in fact there are huge differences).

In this post I will show you how you can become more than just another commodity for your customers.

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Your welcome email is your most important piece of customer marketing

Acquiring a customer is only the first step along what you want to be a very long journey together. The most successful companies know they cannot take customers for granted. They also know that customers never stop developing their opinion of a company, be it good or bad, and first post-purchase impressions are vital.

If you ask for customers to sign-up to an account as part of their purchase, this is where your welcome email comes in.

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Tools & resources for DIY marketing on a shoestring budget

My first marketing job was for a small, local law firm with a very small budget. This meant I had to be incredibly selective in the marketing we undertook, and I had to make sure every penny delivered. I also had to take on a lot of tasks other companies would normally outsource because we couldn’t afford to.

This DIY approach to marketing was a great boot camp and it has stayed with me ever since. My budgets are much larger now, and I have specialist marketers and designers reporting to me, but deep down I still have a DIY mentality. It also showed me that big budgets don’t always been big results, and more importantly, small budgets don’t have to mean small results.

If you have next to no marketing budget, here are the tools and resources you need to do it yourself, and do it well!

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Using reviews & testimonials to increase sales

People are naturally risk aversive, and your prospective customers will instinctively look for visual clues on your website to gauge how “safe” your product or service is.

The likelihood of them deciding to buy something from you is often based around the levels of perceived risk they associate with you. This is where positive reviews come in handy.

In this post I will show you the importance of using reviews in your marketing, and how to proactively curate them.
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The boy who couldn’t fail

I’m not sure exactly how we got on to it, but I recently had a conversation with some colleagues about what we would call our autobiography. I can’t remember any of them, including my own, apart from one; “The boy who couldn’t fail”.

It was meant as a joke and made me laugh. It also got me thinking about Rik Mayall’s autobiography “Bigger than Hitler, better than Jesus”. I’ve never read that book, but I have never forgotten the name, and I instantly want to read it when I think about the title.

Why? Because they both stood out from the crowd, forcing their way in to my long term memory.

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