Using reviews & testimonials to increase sales

People are naturally risk aversive, and your prospective customers will instinctively look for visual clues on your website to gauge how “safe” your product or service is.

The likelihood of them deciding to buy something from you is often based around the levels of perceived risk they associate with you. This is where positive reviews come in handy.

In this post I will show you the importance of using reviews in your marketing, and how to proactively curate them.
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The boy who couldn’t fail

I’m not sure exactly how we got on to it, but I recently had a conversation with some colleagues about what we would call our autobiography. I can’t remember any of them, including my own, apart from one; “The boy who couldn’t fail”.

It was meant as a joke and made me laugh. It also got me thinking about Rik Mayall’s autobiography “Bigger than Hitler, better than Jesus”. I’ve never read that book, but I have never forgotten the name, and I instantly want to read it when I think about the title.

Why? Because they both stood out from the crowd, forcing their way in to my long term memory.

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5 lessons to learn from Ikea’s marketing

IKEA is the de facto choice for many a household looking for low cost, good looking furniture. With revenues of over £28bn per year, IKEA is a master of marketing that we can all learn from.

Following on from my posts covering at what we can learn from Nike’s marketing and McDonalds’ marketing, I’m going to look at what marketing principles we can take from IKEA to apply to your marketing, no matter how big or small the budget.

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How to run a customer marketing survey and get data you can use

I am a big fan of surveys. Too often marketers try to use abstract data or personal opinion to define their customers and work out what they want. I find the simplest and most effective method is to ask them.

A well designed survey will help you to clearly define who your customers are, what they like about you, what they think you could improve, as well as offering great product/ service ideas for the future.

This article will look at the software you can use to run your survey and capture the data, the survey structure and questions formats you should be using, questions for you to consider, and finally some general survey “do’s and don’ts”.
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Lessons I’ve learned in my first 10 years as a marketing professional

It is very strange to say that I am reaching my tenth anniversary working in marketing. The time has flown by and it doesn’t seem so long ago I was starting my first marketing job, but looking back so much has changed in this time, for both me and the industry. On a personal level I have gone from lone wolf in a small business, to managing a team in a very fast growing business as it develops in to a medium sized business. The industry itself has gone through some huge changes in terms of both technology (e.g. social media did not exist) and attitudes towards consumers.

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5 mistakes marketers shouldn’t be making on their cover letters

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” It’s an adage that is practically unavoidable in the contemporary business climate, with shows like The Apprentice reminding us again and again just how ruthless employers can be with candidates that don’t make the cut.

I have previously given my advice on how to go about getting your first marketing job as well as how to recruit your first marketing employee. As someone who recruits for marketing positions in my team there a common cover letter mistakes I see time and time again.

In this post I will go through how to write a killer cover letter.

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