Add a Twitter feed to your website

Adding a live Twitter feed to your website is a nice easy way to keep your website looking fresh and drive traffic to sign up and follow you. Thanks to Twitter, setting up the feed is very easy and literally only takes a couple of minutes to do. Here is how.

The AIDA marketing model

What is AIDA marketing? AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. The AIDA marketing model proposes that a business needs to move consumers through a series of steps, from brand awareness through to action. An additional “R” for “Retention” is sometimes added to show the importance of ongoing relationship building. The AIDA marketing model … Continue reading

As an advertiser, why I dislike cash back websites

Over the weekend I saw a Quidco TV advert that nicely summed up why, as an advertiser I don’t like using cash back websites. After 20 or so seconds seeing a family get money back on all their online purchases, we see the Quidco logo and URL, and then, just before the advert ends, the voice over quickly chips in with “You would have bought it anyway”