My name is Matt, and I am a marketing nerd; a digital marketing director by trade, this is my marketing blog. My aim is to provide practical marketing ideas and advice you can apply today, across PPC, onsite SEO, content marketing, CRO, reputation management, customer loyalty marketing and more.


Great marketers have a solution not just the problem

The old saying ‘Everyone is a critic” is very true of the marketing world. Because so much of it is based around opinion (and that’s still true even with a lot of data behind you), ideas and concepts put forward will often be judged and analysed by other team members very subjectively. In these circumstances […]

SEO in the nofollow age

The SEO industry has taken a serious battering over the past year or so. Google’s algorithm updates have put a huge dent in the traditional quick win tactics employed by many SEO professionals and agencies. Google has done a really good job of making it very difficult to game their system by specifically targeting the […]

5 lessons to learn from Nike’s marketing

Following on from my previous post about the lessons you can learn from McDonald’s marketing, I wanted to look at another fantastic marketing company, Nike. How many fashion brands from the 1970’s are still considered to be cool or desirable by a young audience? Not retro, or ironically cool, just cool? This is because as […]

Can you describe what Yahoo! does in one sentence?

Can you describe what Yahoo! is in five or less words? You can probably mention a few of the services they offer e.g. search, email, Flickr, hosting… but can you define what the company stands for, what is its mission, and what is its core product? I can’t. Businesses diversify their product range; it’s a […]